Losin' It/Disapproval "Coast To Coast" Split Tape (bundle)

Image of Losin' It/Disapproval "Coast To Coast" Split Tape (bundle)

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South Florida's LOSIN' IT and Southern California's DISAPPROVAL have teamed for this split tape.

limited to 150 copies (75 blue, 75 red) this release features 3 brand new songs and a cover from each band.

track listing:
Side-A: Losin' it
1. Y.C.F.S
2. Popularity Contest
3. Loser
4. Fuck Your Attitude (Warzone)

Side-B: Disapproval
1. Intro/Detached From Birth
2. Dogtags
3. Mentiras
4. Can't Stand You (Pap Smear)